Online & Offline Diagnostic Testing Services

We Powertest Asia Pvt. Ltd., are the leading electrical testing service Organization on HV Power Equipment like Generators, Transformers, Motors, Switchgears, Lightning Arrestors, Power Cables etc.

Our diagnostic testing services include specialized

Offline tests like Computerised Digital ELCID, Tan delta, Partial Discharge, AC / DC HV test, Winding resistance, Wedge Deflection test, Digital RSO, Natural Frequency test on Stator Winding and Turbine Rotor Blades, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Vibration Analysis, CT Analysis, NDT (Metallurgical) tests etc.,

Online tests like Partial Discharge Analysis, Automatic Motor Current Signature Analysis, Thermography inspection, Leakage Current Monitoring on Surge Arrestors, Partial Discharge Survey on Switchyard equipment, Flux Probes for Online monitoring of Rotor etc.

PtA is engaged in installation and commissioning of Generator on-line monitoring test equipment. PtA can install PD couplers and commission PD monitoring systems on generators.

PtA can install Flux probes and commission the Flux probe equipment to monitor the generator rotor winding and to remotely acquire magnetic flux data from the air gap mounted flux probes.

PtA also can install PD sensors and commission the PD equipment to monitor the PD on transformers.

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