Surge Comparision Test

Powertest Asia is engaged in performing surge comparison tests on motors and multi turn winding generators. Surge comparison test is carried out for detecting winding turn insulation shorts. The devices used for conducting these tests are highly efficient and shows proper results. This surge comparison test is highly advantageous as it can detect the fault including the location in the winding.

This surge comparison test is done based on the comparison test with the help of a reference windings. High voltage is applied on the windings and the output is detected in the waveform on the CRT screen. The detection is done based on the impedance of different phases in motor. Dissimilar waveforms indicate that the insulation of the motor has defects like improper, reverse coil connections in motor, turn shorts, etc.

Surge comparison tests are widely applicable for AC motors, DC motors, transformers, coils, wires, cables, capacitors etc. PtA’s services are well appreciated for its quality of testing . This surge comparison test helps in reducing the amount of damage or catastrophic failures of the motors and ensuring longer life to the power equipment.

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