Tan Delta and Capacitance Test:

Power Factor Testing is based on the ratio of charging current to that of the leakage current. PtA offers various services with the help of highly experienced professionals for providing various testing services. We do power factor test on power equipment. Power factor plays an important role for maintaining the service life of various components in Power equipment. The devices operate with high efficiency for measuring the power factor. Power factor testing is performed up to 10 kV which is suitable for measuring the dielectric losses .

The outcome of the tests is compared with the international standards. The results of overall power factor tests reflect the insulation condition of the windings, barriers, tap changers, bushings, oil, etrc; We offer these power factor testing services for various power sectors to reduce and control the damage of transformers, voltage regulators, switches, cables, capacitors, lightning arrestors, liquid insulation, rotating electrical machinery and circuit breakers. This power factor testing is highly advantageous since it can accurately detect the condition of equipment and help in reducing the damage and failure of various electrical equipments.

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