Partial Discharge Testing:

Powertest Asia is one of the leading companies in India for providing a wide range of services to carry out partial discharge tests. Partial discharge testing is done for checking the condition of HV power apparatus. PD in power equipment deteriorates the insulation leading to breakdowns. These discharges occur in the insulation that contains gaseous inclusions, cavities, or voids.

PtA use latestdifferent types of Partial Discharge Measurement devices for performing this test.PDA Couplers and TVA(Carona) probes are used for detecting partial discharges in generators and other HV equipment. Partial discharge testing is carried out by PtA accurately and specifies the poor condition of insulation, if any, and thus warns about the possible failure of the equipment. This test can be conducted at normal operating conditions. The Corona Probe is an off-line instrument to accurately pinpoint the source of partial discharge (PD) in a particular slot in generators.

Partial discharge testing does not affect the equipment under test and most of the times the occurrence of partial discharge can be identified within the test object, thus helping in identifying the problem. PD measurement analysis is used to predict the electrical equipment condition, which needs to be repaired. This test is widely applicable for testing the insulation of cables, rotating machines like generators & motors, transformers, bushings, gas insulated switchgears, LAs, etc.

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