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Technical Consultation

PtA undertakes Third Party Quality Inspection Consultancy (TPQI) of all Government & Private Power Industry and Oil Sectors in Electrical / Mechanical works. We provide an unrivalled & unbiased combination of scientific and engineering experts with a wealth of experience in their fields and extensive analytical tools, specialist software, equipment, laboratory and engineering facilities for the most efficient and cost-effective use and maintenance of your power system assets.

Failure Analysis

PtA offers failure analysis services in support of our client’s need to achieve high quality. Our commitment to this goal is by providing comprehensive engineering services in determine the cause of the failure using our expertise and experience. Following failure analysis investigation, we will make recommendations to preventing further failures and can assist clients with implementing corrective procedures.

Field Data Analysis / Interpretation

Analysis based on operational history and the other data based on periodic examination of critical components. Assessment of the condition and remaining life of power plant components operating at high temperatures and at high stresses to optimize inspection and maintenance schedules, to make RUN, REPAIR, REPLACE decisions and to avoid unplanned outages.

Maintenance Trending

Keeping a lookout for technology, regulatory and industry trends to help the customers in identifying the problems. For this, the past maintenance data obtained at regular intervals under the maintenance program will be reviewed, analyzed and provide valuable insights for better asset, facility and maintenance management.

RLA Studies

PtA is specialized for RLA assessment. With our core team of experts, we have access to almost all types of designs. Our uniqueness and long experience has benefited customers with the inspection services & recommendations of RLA reports. Our reports are of high standards and have proved to be a major tool in life extension of power plant components.

Technical Training

Learning at PtA is learner-centric, aligned to business goals and customer needs and to maintain Quality. Our approach to learning is all about emerging technologies and methodologies through diligent programs which we adopt, using a combination of skill acquisition, discussions, etc.

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